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The Best NABH Accreditation Consultancy for Blood Banks


Q Way is a highly trusted NABH consultancy service with a team of experienced, skilled, and well-motivated professionals dedicated to providing the NABH accreditation for blood banks. We work well with our clients and help them make the most of their resources and make the changes to their infrastructure and management systems that are needed to meet the high standards of well-known certifications. Since 2015, our expert consultants have helped different blood banks get NABH accreditation with a 100% success rate. By following a close-handling strategy since 2015, our expert consultants have helped different blood banks get NABH accreditation.


Why is Q Way a good choice for NABH accreditation for blood banks?

  • A well-documented strategy to meet all of your NABH accreditation needs.
  • Handling of NABH paperwork, audits, and making sure compliance is met.
  • A team of highly qualified healthcare professionals, working together to make NABH accreditation for blood banks an easy process.

Services offered by Q Way for blood banks

  • Training the blood bank team for NABH quality standards. 
  • Performing a need gap analysis to ensure that all the areas of improvement are taken care of.
  • Assisting blood banks in the planning, design, monitoring, implementation, and improvement of their management system.
  • Imparting innovative, effective, value-added and practical suites of NABH accreditations to blood banks.

Why is NABH accreditation required for blood banks?


The NABH accreditation is required for blood banks for the following reasons:

  • It guarantees the availability of safe blood and blood products for transfusion.
  • It stimulates continuous improvement.
  • It helps blood banks and centres show that they are committed to great care and patient safety, which leads to the best clinical outcomes.
  • It ensures standardisation of protocols and adherence to quality and safety measures in a blood centre.
  • It also provides the blood bank’s staff and management confidence that they have a system in place to keep them in check.