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The Best NABH Accreditation Consultancy for Medical College Hospitals

Q Way is a professional NABH consultancy service with a team of experienced, qualified, and dedicated consultants committed to providing NABH accreditation to medical college hospitals. We help medical college hospitals get accredited in every way. This includes managing the infrastructure, keeping the environment clean, preventing infections, giving systematic medical care, taking fire safety precautions, keeping good records, and other things.

Why is Q Way a good choice for NABH Accreditation for Medical College Hospitals?

For the following reasons, Q Way is an excellent option for NABH Accreditation for medical college hospitals:

  • We are a prominent NABH accreditation consulting firm in Tamil Nadu and are here to help.
  • Quality accreditation and certification efforts at our hospital are being taken care of by a team of experts. 
  • We relieve you of the burden of obtaining NABH certification on your own.
  • We have helped medical college hospitals to implement quality management systems.

Services offered by Q Way for medical college hospitals

  • Gap assessment and analysis based on NABH standards.
  • Throughout the project, help was given to set up and evaluate the hospital’s accreditation plan.
  • To assist in the formation of committees and teams that will guide the development of the quality assurance program.
  • Assistance in the production of documents (like standard operating procedures and policies for the hospital, departments, and infection control), making changes to the current system, and suggesting changes to help meet accreditation standards. 
  • Accreditation process training for pre-selected employees.
  • The creation of performance indicators and the collecting and analysis of data.
  • Help with making a program for assessing a facility and planning for internal assessments. 
  • Help with running mock drills and evaluating the results of internal assessments.
  • Organisation of refresher training program, based on a review of accreditation program activities, documentation, and efficacy of training.

Why is NABH accreditation required for medical college hospitals?

The NABH accreditation is required for medical college hospitals for the following reasons:

  • This allows potential students and their families to have confidence in the educational organization and course structure because of the accreditation.
  • Medical colleges that have been accredited have an incentive to keep improving their services.
  • In a very competitive healthcare education industry, having an accreditation status gives you a marketing edge.