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The Best NABL Accreditation Consultancy for Laboratories

Q Way is one of the leading consultancy firms, offering a distinctive consultancy service for obtaining accreditation for testing and calibration of medical diagnostic labs. We offer effective NABL accreditation consulting and training to make sure that your laboratory has a quality management system that is on par with the best in the world. We help organisations document, put into action, and keep improving their work systems based on quality principles. Our expert consultants put together the laboratory’s application for NABL certification by giving all the necessary information and a list of the tests, calibrations, and ranges of measurement uncertainty that the laboratory is qualified to do. We also make management systems for labs that follow national and government protocols and NABL’s rules.

Why is Q Way a good choice for NABL accreditation for laboratories?

  • A well-known brand with an excellent reputation in NABL Accreditation consulting.
  • It is the largest established quality accreditation training and consultancy house in India.
  • Quick completion of projects in as little as 6 to 8 months.
  • A single-source solution and management solution provider for any NABL certification.

Services offered by Q Way for laboratories

  • Training in standard requirements, such as quality control requirements.
  • Educating and promoting a culture of excellence Accreditation-required training for laboratory staff.
  • Assisting quality managers in the development of laboratory quality management systems, including quality manual and management system process preparation and delivery for guidance in the development of standard operating procedures for testing (SOPs).
  • Helping medical testing labs take part in inter-laboratory comparisons or proficiency testing through the EQAS program.
  • Setting up quality management systems requires development of all necessary formats.
  • Internal audit preparation and management review meeting minutes preparation.
  • Non-conformances and complaints against the laboratory might be closed with our assistance.
  • Providing you with all the help you need until the Accreditation process is completed.

What is NABL accreditation?

The NABL accreditation is the official recognition, authorization, and registration of a lab that has shown that it has the skills and trustworthiness to deliver quality testing services. Accreditation of a lab is a way to make sure that customers are happy with the lab’s test reports so that clinicians and, through them, patients can trust them. NABL’s objective is to provide a third-party evaluation of quality and technical competence. As per the Indian government’s directives, NABL is the only group that can accredit testing and calibration labs.

Why is NABL accreditation required for laboratories?

The benefits of NABL accreditation for laboratories are as follows:
  • NABL accreditation provides an assurance that the laboratories consistently deliver accurate and dependable data.
  • More customer confidence and satisfaction may contribute to increased business.
  • It saves time and money because you don’t have to buy or use as many testing products.
  • It provides an assurance of genuine reports from accurately calibrated testing issued by the laboratory.
  • It lets customers find your accredited lab through the NABL website or the Directory of Accredited Laboratories.