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The Best Consultancy for Accreditation and Healthcare Training Services

Q Way ensures client satisfaction through a diverse portfolio of services which consists of the following services:

NABH Full Accreditation


We Provide NABH full accreditation for those Hospitals that have less than 50 beds and those that have more than 50 beds.

Entry level NABH Certification


Hospitals lower than and more than 50 beds are aided in obtaining an entry-level NABH certification.

NABH for Eye Care Organisations

NABH offers an accreditation program for Eye Care Organisations (ECO) with separate standards which are applicable to them. Adherence to accreditation standards in these settings improves quality of services leading to good clinical outcomes. We will help you in obtaining the ECO accreditation in a simplified and easy way.

NABH Accreditation for Medical Imaging Services

NABH developed the accreditation standards for Medical Imaging Services focused on quality imaging reports and improved customer satisfaction. These standards can be used by the MIS centres to enter the realm of systematic quality management across a healthcare organization. We will assist you in obtaining the accreditation and would help you deliver high-quality care.

NABH Accreditation for AYUSH

It encompasses relevant & comprehensive quality assurance standards for each system i.e., ayurveda, yoga and naturopathy, unani, siddha, homoeopathy Hospitals and panchakarma clinics and has separate accreditation standards as per the individual system of medicine and requirements. These are in natural alignment to the hospital standards, with a community focus. We look forward in joining hands with you for this accreditation journey.

NABH Accreditation for Dental Health Service Providers

NABH has established Accreditation Standards for Dental Healthcare Service Providers (DHSP) namely dental teaching institutions, dental hospitals, and clinics. The focus of the standards is on patient safety, quality of care, knowledge enhancement, training of the staff and environmental protection. We will teach and assist you in implementation of these standards.

NABH Certification on Nursing Excellence


Certification program offered by NABH on Nursing excellence helps to establish and sustain healthy work environment for nurses in caring for patients and patients’ families. We assist you and your nurses in achieving excellence and making their optimal contribution to patients and their work environments and the recognition of their efforts.

NABH Certification on Emergency Department

The emergency accreditation standards will thereby cater to build a culture of safety at all levels. The standards aim at setting expectations for the provision of providing equitable, safe, and high-quality emergency care in the country thereby leading to good clinical outcomes.Our team of clinical experts eases the way of certification in a systematic manner.

QCI Inspection - CGHS & ECHS

QCI Inspection by NABH assesses the implementation of set criteria defined by CGHS and ECHS for empanelment

Hospital Designing Advisory

The art and science of designing a hospital anywhere is a complex affair. Beyond technical requirements that modern medicine demands and rigid functional relationships between different medical departments, the designer must cope with a host of more subjective issues like the anxiety of the patient, the stressful work environment of the staff and the need to build a sustainable and healing building.

We address pre-design programming and concept design, which is an essential part of the process of designing a good hospital. Especially, we guide on OT and CSSD direction flow designs that are in accordance with the accreditation standards.

Pharmacy Audit

A pharmacy audit is a comprehensive review of operations and processes to verify a pharmacy’s compliance with regulations. Announced or unannounced pharmacy audits from the third party usually aim to detect waste and improve stock maintenance. We do quality pharmacy audits and provide you the detailed reports.


Training and Development

    • Nursing Competency Assessment and Development: Competency assessment is an ongoing process of initial development, maintenance of knowledge and skills, educational consultation, remediation, and redevelopment. We have decided to take this opportunity based on the needs of the health care industry. This program is specially designed to assess the nursing competency that is playing a key role in health care. It is part of a continual process to help ensure that the nurses provide high-quality care to their customers and patients.

    • Internship program: The internship program is designed to provide students engaged in a field experience with an opportunity to share their insights, to explore the links between students’ academic preparation and their field work, and to assist participants in developing and carrying out the research project which will serve to culminate their internship experience.
      Our internship program is designed to create more trained and motivated students to work on projects related to hospital operations, administration, and quality. Its main goal is to give successful candidates the opportunity to improve their skills in a day-to-day hospital environment with hands on experience. As part of the internship experience in Q Way, students are expected to take an active role in finding an appropriate internship for themselves.