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About us

The Best NABH and NABL Consultancy in Tamil Nadu

Q Way was established in August of 2015. In a short span of less than a year, it has gained a reputation as a reliable accreditation advisory. The company was started by Dr. Satheesh Kumar, who was heading the quality team of a major multi-specialty hospital. Our consulting services was one of the first to help healthcare providers get accreditation from NABH and NABL. We have a team of consultants with strong industry experience. We felt that there was a need for demystification and simplification of the process of quality implementation in order for it to help an organisation grow. Our professional consultants have a solid reputation for achieving accreditation for numerous healthcare organisations all over India.

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Satheesh Kumar, was the head of the quality assurance team at a reputed multispecialty hospital in Chennai. He believed that while the organisation was establishing quality standards, his services should be extended to other hospitals. This thought inspired him to start Q Way Consultancy Services in 2015. He teamed up with healthcare and quality processing professionals to lead Q Way as the most reliable and trusted accreditation advisory organisation in a span of seven years.

We continuously strive to make the process of quality implementation as user-friendly as possible. We achieve this goal by interpreting the spirit of the guidelines rather than their body. Our expert consultants focus on your requirements and customise our services to suit them. We help our clients reach their full potential and improve their performance so they can achieve their goals. We make all the accreditation processes easier and faster, and give our clients peace of mind.