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The Best NABH Consultancy Services in Tamil Nadu

Q Way Consultancy Services, established in 2015, is a forerunner in providing advisory and consultancy services to healthcare providers. We have guided more than 100 healthcare organisations including hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, blood banks and medical college hospitals among others to attain the highest benchmark standard for quality and safety – the NABH and NABL mark of excellence in a seamless and hassle-free process.

Our full-fledged team of leading experts with strong industry experience simplifies the process of NABH and NABL accreditation and works closely with our partner clients to establish services that mark the pinnacle of healthcare excellence.

Making NABH Accreditation Simplified

Q WAY Consultancy strives to make the entire process of quality accreditation as easy and friendly as possible. To achieve this, we have established a three-way process that helps us understand the requirements of the hospitals, run an exhaustive check to identify the gaps, and create a plan tailored to suit the needs of our client.


Q Way for Hospital NABH Accreditation

In the continuously changing healthcare environment, we help hospitals and healthcare providers get the NABH mark of excellence providing them with an upper hand over their competitors with quality healthcare services that are at par with global standards.


Simplified NABL Accreditation for Your Lab

With rapid progress in technology and diagnostics, Q Way provides impartial and advanced consultancy services to help medical and diagnostic laboratories get NABL Certified in a seamless process.


NABH for Medical Colleges

Q Way advisory services help you achieve the pinnacle of quality excellence with a simplified step-by-step guide for your institution’s NABH accreditation.


Get your Blood Bank NABH Certified

Q Way helps your blood bank get NABH certified through a seamless process and allows you to ensure that patients receive high-quality care by guaranteeing safe blood and blood products to the correct patient at the right time and in the right quantity.

Our Services

What do we help you with?

The team of industry experts at Q Way Consultancy Services provides professional advice for all healthcare providers to help them get the certified mark of safety and quality excellence along with other empanelment services.

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Q Way has a team of experienced NABH and NABL consultants who are ready to assist healthcare organisation in their accreditation journey. If you’re seeking an accreditation, book an appointment with us now.